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Behind the Search

Onlineservicesearch.com.au is based on the Gold Coast in Queensland, but our services extend across all of Australia. Onlineservicesearch.com.au is backed by more than 30 years’ experience in advertising and marketing. We believe that we are Australia’s future for service listings.
The inspiration for Onlineservicesearch.com.au was sparked when, several years ago, the Managing Director was charged an outrageous sum by a competing business, simply to list an ad.
We knew something had to be done.

Our Advantage for Users

But we realised it wasn’t just ad-posters who were being ripped off: users are, too. Anyone can post on Google. It can be near impossible to know the quality of a service provider’s work until they have already begun their billable hours.
We wanted better for our users.

How We Stand Out from Other Directories

Onlineservicesearch.com.au stands out because it benefits both service providers and users.

And it couldn’t work more simply. Service types and postcode are matched together in a database. Each postcode only has a limited number of highly recommended service people.
The user simply inputs what service they need and where they are located, and they are presented with a list of the best people for the job.
We maintain a high standard of service, so these lists are constantly being reviewed for the benefit of our customers.

Our Advantage for Service Providers

Service providers who want to post on Onlineservicesearch.com.au are at a huge advantage. If you can prove that you are a high-quality service providers, you can be listed on our site, and that means we will handle a substantial aspect of your online marketing and promotion!
It’s win-win.

Please visit our Payment Guide page to find out more.


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