John Bossy Refrigeration

John Bossy Refrigeration

John Bossy Commercial Refrigeration & Commercial Air Conditioning
John Bossy Commercial Refrigeration and Commercial Air Conditioning service, maintenance, repairs and installation for all brands of Commercial Refrigeration and Commercial airconditioning products and equipment. Our installations, service and repairs include large cool rooms and freezers, liquor stores, wineries, delicatessens, cafes, restaurants, clubs, service stations, and hospitals in Adelaide, and regional South Australia.FULLY INTEGRATED SERVICES & INSTALLATION
John Bossy Commercial Refrigeration Adelaide has a complete service and installation department to cover all types of commercial refrigeration and commercial air conditioning repairs and maintenance services.

Your Cooling and Refrigeration Specialists in South Australia
Here at John Bossy Refrigeration, we are fortunate to have a dedicated and skilled team of experts. Having been in business for 21 years we can offer you years of experience in Air conditioning and Refrigeration and always provided a result that clients throughout South Australia have come back for. We are so confident in our work, that we have put some guarantees in place to fill you with the same confidence that we have.
We show up on time
Guarantee our work
We charge as quoted

Commercial Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
When designing and installing any project, we realize that it’s not a matter of just looking good, but it also has to perform well on a daily basis.
We work with a wide range of commercial sectors and companies big and small. Let us know what you need concerning commercial refrigeration in South Australia and we can help you choose the most reliable, cost effective solution for you.
John Bossy Refrigeration's expertise in commercial refrigeration in Adelaide will save you money by helping you make the best choices designed for your unique and specific needs. Do not hesitate to call us and let us know what your specific requirements might be, we can help you choose the most reliable, cost effective solution for you.

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